About Attacked

Attacked: Breaking the Silence, Enacting Change

This campaign is aimed to highlight personal accounts of individuals who have been directly affected by intolerance, racism, and sexism on Saint Joseph’s University’s campus as a means to raise awareness and promote change. Although each member of our community has a different story, this platform creates a unified conversation on hate-based attacks that happen right here on Hawk Hill.

To read more on the topic as it pertains to our campus, the following articles published by The Hawk Newspaper are a good place to start:

Social Justice scholar, Catherine Fosl, has described community-base campaigns where “seasoned activists recounted personal experiences that created identification between narrator and listeners in ways that galvanized social action.” Oral narratives, such as the ones seen in this campaign, afford both the speakers and viewers a chance, unique to this medium, to share in the burden of these struggles that is innately personal; to build understanding and support for those affected by shedding light on the nature of these events; and to be empowered to be agents of change.

We commend and thank all of those who have shared their stories; your bravery and courage do not go unnoticed.

Our work was inspired and informed by two CNN narrative series: 25 Influential American Muslims and The First Time I Realized I was Black, as well as by the former campaigns of Start Talking SJU, Belonging and Mental Health. Our focus remains on the Saint Joseph’s community, and issues impacting it, with the goal of bringing them to light to inform those unaware, provide solidarity for those who’ve had similar experiences, and to shift the overall mindset to one that is more tolerant, sensitive, and accepting.


    • Emily Bendock
    • Michela Bussard
    • Lauren Catalano
    • Lily D’Angelo
    • Laura Fuentes
    • Taylor Funk
    • Sophie Hampton
    • Erin Kelly
    • Anna Keppel
    • Lexi Mignogna
    • Sami Nigro
    • Julia Olaguer
    • Stephanie Rapp
    • Matt Ridings
    • Eliza Rocco
    • Mariana Ruiz
    • Erin Saggese
    • Nick Shisler
    • Khalil Thames