An attack, in any sense is not something to be taken lightly. It is probable that for many the word elicits images and thoughts of someone causing physical harm to another, and while this is certainly the predominant conception of the term, it is only one potential understanding of it that we can have. There are many ways that an attack can manifest, whether or not there is a physical component, and even more ways in which one can do harm. By this definition, instances of attacks are likely more common than you would expect, and this will be explored in the series of narratives seen below.

It is both painful and difficult to accept that these things happen around us on campus all the time, yet the incredibly courageous individuals featured in these videos serve as living proof. What’s more is that they demonstrate that these events can be overcome, and are not defining. Sharing stories, as well as hearing them from others greatly facilitates healing, opening a dialogue, and establishing a nurturing and accepting community and that is the foundation of our goal. We hope to both raise awareness in those who have not experienced these things, and more importantly, to provide them for those who have so that they do not feel alone in their struggles.