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SJU Junior on Aftermath of Sexual Harassment

A Saint Joseph’s University junior talks about her struggles with emotional backlash from her peers after ongoing sexual harassment from an individual. She says “a lot of my friends didn’t know what was going on, they were really quick to judge me and say, you know, ‘You’re a slut.’ ‘You’re a whore.’ ‘You come to college and you just want to be with every guy that you see.’ So it was really hard for me to have this family-esque at school and then have them kind of, really insult me.” She then emphasizes that it is essential to receive proper help. More videos like this one on the topic of campus Attacks can be found at attacked.starttalkingsju.com. You can also see our prior campaigns: Belonging (belonging.starttalking.com) or Mental Health (http://mentalhealth.starttalking.com).

This video was created in collaboration with the person depicted and/or represented in a story read by another. All persons reviewed and signed consent forms granting permission to share this story online. If you or anyone you know have experienced any form of assault or racism on campus please consider the following campus resources: The Bias Activity Review Group, which connects to Public Safety (https://sites.sju.edu/oid/bias/), CAPS (610-660-1090), TitleIX titleIX@sju.edu, REPP (*confidential support) 610-733-9650 (24 hr. Peer Helpline), or SJU Public Safety 610-660-1111.

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